How it all started in 2008

It all started when I was 12 years old, in school I played a web-based game written in PHP, after playing it many times, I discovered you can make your own game with even free hosting (only with ads) So I learned web development on forums.

It is nice to see that today entrepreneurs still receive help from communities all over the world.


  • Sloosmedia: started my own internet agency where I offered hosting, development, web design, and more. (failed)
  • Dutchstreets:  My first only RPG Game written in PHP. (failed)


  • Bytecom:  Business directory. (failed)
  • SBForum: forum for buy & sell websites, like web scripters. (failed)
  • Slicebasing:  service to convert .PSD to HTML/CSS files. (failed)
  • Secondwar: My second RPG Game. (failed)


  •  Youtube music video website.  (failed)
  • Automated News website.   (failed)
  • News about tech. (failed)
  •  Affiliate e-mail list.   (failed)
  • RJS Hosting: Hosting company with a co-founder. (failed)


  • premium SMS service  (failed)
Google blocked my Adsense Account & PayPal froze our account.

After many failed projects and a blocked Adsense account, I decided to stop creating websites and started hosting websites for clients so that I could build a stable monthly income with web hosting and domain registration.

2013 (current)

  • Hostingwalk:  Hosting company without my co-founder.


  • (Acquired) Trafego:  Webhosting company to make Hostingwalk bigger.


  •   Website to track changelogs of popular (open-source) software. (failed)

2019 (current)

  • PayRequest:   Payment platform with Bram (co-founder)


  • CashBack website for Businesses/Startups  (failed)
  •   open startup list