The difference between FOMO and JOMO

Let's first start with what FOMO stands for: fear of missing out which is the opposite of JOMO that stands for: joy of missing out.

People that have FOMO mostly spend too much on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. They keep scrolling and checking every minute what other people doing, they even neglect their real social life, because they spend too much time on social media.

With JOMO you are more living in the moment and Awareness of the people around you, instead of looking at what others are doing, you stop comparing with others and just live your life to the fullest!

5 Tips how you can get from FOMO to JOMO

Let's be honest with you it is not easy to quit FOMO, only delete your social media apps will not help to escape from FOMO, it is a long process and a change of mindset, you need to find peace with your inner self.

1. Find a Hobby

Imagine all the time you can spend on a hobby if you stop with FOMO? 

With JOMO you will have hours to read books, go for walk, work out, jogging, surfing, golf, or any hobby where you can be just in the moment.

2. Setup Screen Time

Not only a great way to start escaping from FOMO but also to get self-consciousness because every time you get a screen time notification that your time is up.

Android & iPhone have build-in screen time software, you can just a limit for all apps such as social media but also for e-mail, messaging, and browser apps.

3. Stop sharing what you are doing

Your life should be private, it is not normal to share everything you are doing with the world and even with strangers.

It is also a rat race, there will always be people who will have more money or better activities, it doesn't matter because most of the time they also have a boring life.

4. Love yourself

This sounds simple but is not, many people with FOMO are suffering from a lower self-perspective about their self our life, to change this, you first need to change your mindset, and start thinking positive about yourself and your life, it will never be perfect but you are in charge to be negative or positive.

5. Make a bucket list

Most people are dreaming, what if you can also do what everybody is doing on social media?

Just give it a try write 10 things down, you always wanted to do, and make a plan how you can perform such an activity, it is better to focus on your own bucket list than to watch how others execute their bucket list.

6.  Start saying NO

Maybe your life is too stressful because you can't say no, you need to understand that your time is valuable and mostly if you doubt if you can, you have already other plans

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How to go FOMO to JOMO 

Apps I have deleted:

- Instagram

- Facebook

- TikTok / Snapchat (just want to mention them, was not active on both.)

- Dutch News Apps

n the battle of FOMO vs JOMO, it’s time to declare a winner. Okay, let’s back up for those of you who had no idea there was a skirmish going on, or even what these two acronyms mean. FOMO is the fear of missing out; JOMO is the joy of missing out. And the two have sparred in our social brain for what seems like an eternity, but in recent history, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok have brought the conflict to a whole new level.

Yes, technology, we want to collectively thank you for the gift of being able to tap a button on our phone to have a car, a hot meal, or a hot date (hey, we’re not judging) delivered right to our door. But what are we supposed to do when that same device is beaming image after image of our high school frenemy’s enviable bachelorette weekend directly into our brain while our texting app sits ominously silent? [Asking for a friend.]