I tested many to-do lists, but I already use Google Calendar and together with Google Tasks it's the best planning solution for me.

What to-do apps have I tried so far?

Since 2013 almost 10 years I tried many apps there are too many to list but some of them are: Notion

  • Trello
  • Todoist
  • Microsoft ToDo
  • Google Keep

The problem is I love to use Google Calendar, but it was always hard to keep this in sync with my tasks.

How I use Google Calendar with Google Tasks

With Google Tasks you can easily see your tasks and see them directly also on your calendar, also with just one click you can create a google task from an email in your Gmail, which keeps everything in the Google Workspace eco-system.

Example of Google Tasks in Google Calendar

Using Taskboard to organize my Google Tasks

One big problem with Google Tasks is that there is no dedicated page to manage your tasks, you can only see them in your Gmail and on your phone via the Google Task app.

But TasksBoard solves this problem, it makes a kanban board from all your tasks, and it also has a Chrome Extension & Desktop app.

For $3,99 per month, you also can use the Premium version which gives you extra features like:

  • Unlimited list sharing
  •  Add task labels
  • Upload your own background
  • Highlight colors for cards
  • Create multiple boards
  • Share boards with people or your team
Preview of TaskBoard