Improving my English as my startup grows

When you begin a startup, you have to make do with the skills you have, along the way you can of course improve your English communication and writing skills.

And I'm even lucky that I am from The Netherlands As you see in the image below, The Netherlands is the number #1 on the list, in the “Very High Proficiency” category, this means that dutch people can do a variety of daily task in English, such as giving a presentation at work and reading newspapers.

Imagine how hard it is to begin a worldwide business for someone in Iran or India, where good English proficiency is not so obvious.

EF English Proficiency Index (the Netherlands ranked #1)

But running an online business is quite different than just reading a newspaper, you need to understand technical documentation, content marketing, writing solutions for potential clients, and much more, to be able to handle that you need to have a good command of the English language.

Tools I use as a non-native English Speaker

But you are not alone, there are many great tools to help you to improve your English and help you to write legible sentences.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a platform where users can learn languages for free, I use it every day for 1 hour currently I'm also learning Spanish, but I never stopped improving my English.

2. Google Translate (Chrome Extension)

Chances are you already use Google Translate, but are you also familiar with the Chrome extension? With this extension, you can translate words in real-time and save hours per year by not having to go to the Google Translate site anymore.

3.  Grammarly