1. Freedom

I want to make my own decisions and have my own choice of actions, I do not want to be controlled by a goverment, investors and want to  living life on my own terms,  and what I believe that is right.

Freedom for me is to go whereever I want to go, I love to work location-independent and having my own working schedule that works best for me, currently I only work 4 hours per day instead of 8 hours,  I work Asynchronous (async) which means I do need anyone to get my work done, and if I need any help they can help me before hitting any deadline.

I also dont like the mindset of working which is not changed much for decades, you work 9:00 till 17:00 on a specific location (office) and work for 45+ years before you retired,  I just work because I like it, and I don't even know when I will retire (maybe never) I just keep working as long as it stays fun.

2.  Personal development

Never stop learning!  I want to read more books and learn more new skills, also I want to get more organized and improve my english language to fluent, as a Digital Nomad you are required to use your best english to solve problems, last but most important I want eat more healthy and sport almost everyday.

3. Travel the World

I only traveled 3% of the world, but in all those years I had clients in almost every country, I want to better understand their culture and country.

4.   Million-Dollar Business

This is my biggest motivation to become a Digital Nomad, I want to be fully dedicated to working on PayRequest and to reach $1m ($1,000,000) yearly revenue (ARR), that is a big challenge because my first company in 10 years never crossed $100k ARR, luckily PayRequest is this year already over $125K ARR so technically it is possible, but we really have to put much effort into Marketing & Development to achieve this.

5. Get out of my comfort zone

Your comfort zone is a place where not many things happen, just your daily routine and places you know, mostly safe places.

If you get out of that comfort zone you get challenges and problems you need to solve, you will learn new skills, and find new goals to achieve.

personal growth, 

5.   Networking